How to upgrade a translation file

Every time a we release a new version, we add, edit or remove strings in the plugin, and as a result, those strings are changed in the translation files. If you are using a translation file, you should update your translation files with EACH upgrade of the plugin.

Follow the instructions in this article to upgrade your translation file:

  1. Open existing translation file (WPBDM-de_DE.po, for example) using POEdit.
  2. Go to the Catalog menu and choose the Update from POT File… option.

    Update from POT File

  3. Use Open File dialog to open the file WPBDPM.pot, included in the plugin’s languages directory.
  4. If POEdit shows a report with the number of strings added and obsolete, click Ok to complete the update.
  5. The PO file should be now updated. The status bar at the botton of POEdit will tell the total number of strings in the translation file, how many are pending translation and how many were automatically translated using fuzzy match.

    POEdit status bar

  6. Strings that are not translated (shown in blue) and those that were automatically translated (shown in orange) need to be updated.

    WordPress does not recognize translations that are marked as fuzzy, so you need to updated or manually mark them as not-fuzzy.

    If you edit a fuzzy translation, it gets marked as non-fuzzy automatically, but that can also be done using the Needs Work button in POEdit’s UI. Clicking the button toggles the fuzzy status of the selected string:

    Needs Work button

  7. Make sure POEdit is configured to generate a .mo file when you save your PO file. The .mo file is a compiled version of the translations file and is the file WordPress will read to get translations for the plugin.
  8. Finally, save the catalog and make sure to copy both the .po and .mo files to the languages/ directory inside plugin’s folder.