Stripe Payment module


The ZIP you download is a full WP plugin. The installation instructions are inside of it, and here as well:

Upload the ZIP as a plugin via the MANUAL process. From the WordPress admin panel

  • Go to Plugins->Add New,
  • Click on the “Upload” link, and then click on Browse Now to locate the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  • Click OK once you find it on your local computer
  • Click the Install Now button to start the process.
  • After the installation completes, click the “Activate Plugin” link to turn on the module

Configuring Stripe Gateway

  1. Install Stripe Payment module
  2. Go to Directory Admin → Manage Options
  3. Select the Payment tab
  4. At the top, enable payments
  5. (Optional, but recommended) Put the payment gateways in test mode. Uncheck this when done testing!
  6. Change your currency, if applicable
  7. Scroll down to Stripe Gateway Settings
  8. Activate Stripe gateway option
  9. Enter your API keys (test/live secret and publishable keys)
  10. Save settings
  11. Create one or more Payment Plans
  12. You’re ready to test payments. Logout as Administrator and attempt to place a listing–verify that it goes through.
  13. Once correctly configured, your Stripe configuration will look like this:

IMPORTANT: Once you’re done testing, be sure to uncheck Put gateways in test mode? so you can accept real payments.

IMPORTANT (Recurring Payments): If you plan to offer recurring payments make sure you configure the correct web hook URL in your dashboard.

You’ll have to copy the URL that appears under “Stripe Gateway Settings” on your site, go to the webhooks section of your Stripe dashboard, click Add URL and paste the URL there.

Module settings guide

  • Activate Stripe?Required. When unchecked, Stripe will not be available to users as an option during checkout.
  • Use a custom form instead of a “Stripe Checkout” button?Optional. This setting controls whether the module displays a custom form where users enter their credit card information or a standard Stripe checkout button.
    • When disabled (the default), a regular Stripe checkout button will be displayed during the checkout process. The credit card information is entered in an overlay screen that Stripe creates. This is consistent with the Stripe experience in other sites but doesn’t actually match the look and feel of your site.

    • When enabled, instead of the payment button a custom form for entering the credit card details will be used. This form matches the look and feel of your site and you can add further customization with CSS overrides.

  • TEST Secret KeyRequired. You’ll find the value for this key in your Stripe dashboard. It is used by the module to communicate with your Stripe account. Do not share this key with anyone.
  • TEST Publishable KeyRequired. Same as above.
  • LIVE Secret KeyRequired. Same as above.
  • LIVE Publishable KeyRequired. Same as above.