Welcome to the Business Directory Plugin documentation!

Welcome to the official developer documentation for Business Directory Plugin. Please note that this site is constantly being updated with the most current information from the latest version of Business Directory Plugin. If you are running an OLDER version of the plugin, these instructions may not work at all. Please make sure you're on the latest version before following these documents and their steps within.

These documents represent various items in Business Directory Plugin that you can customize yourself and the recommended ways to do so. You are welcome to ask questions about customizations, but please understand that while we can provide general guidance on them, we won’t provide specific files, lines to add, etc. Customization is something you have to debug and work out on your own.

We assume that you have the skills to do so when you start--which include, but are not limited to, advanced PHP, WordPress API, HTML and CSS. If you're not comfortable with these, you'll probably want to hire someone to help you make those changes.

If you need help, there are a few great resources to help you out here.

  1. Codeable, which has WordPress expert developers available for short-term projects: https://codeable.io
  2. The last option would be hiring a developer on Upwork (formerly known as oDesk) to help out if you think this is beyond your current skill set. http://upwork.com There's a lot of decent folks on there as well.